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Welcome to the ALF Therapy Provider Directory


We are an elite group of highly trained professionals.

It takes a great amount of dedication to explore the leading edge of healthcare.   Our dedication to advanced levels of post doctoral education and our commitment to working in a collaborative, interdisciplinary group provides us with opportunities for accessing new levels of treatment success for our patients.

We are a community.

Innovative, supportive patient care with a focus on whole body health and enhanced function are the goals of ALF Therapy.  As providers, we work together to create patient care opportunities and patients who feel supported in many aspects of health and wellness.   We learn and grow together as a family of doctors and therapists to create a better future for healthcare.

We are committed.

The training to become a comprehensively trained ALF InterFACE provider requires a tremendous amount of dedication.  This is evidenced by the amount of continued education that is necessary to learn the many aspects and facets of healthcare that need to be considered in Comprehensive ALF Therapy.  By reviewing the extensive training by our providers, you will hopefully have a new understanding of why the ALF InterFACE community is truly unique.