1000 Eleven South Suite 3F, Columbia, IL 62236, US

Mona Moy, DDS


 General Dentist
Certified Buteyko Breathing Educator
Northern California, SF Bay Area, USA(510) 482-2799

ALF InterFACE Education

2017  ALF InterFACE Core Series Nordstrom ALF-tb for Adolescent Patients
2016  ALF and Osteopathy - Nordstrom, Cranial Academy

 2015 ALF Mastership Level Course -Nordstrom

2014 Advanced ALF and Problem Solving Course -Nordstrom 

2013  ALF Course -Nordstrom

2013 ALF course- Nordstrom

2012 InterFACE 2 Conference -Nordstrom

2011  ALF-FACE course-Nordstrom

2010 Cranial Osteopathy course- Cranial Academy

2010 ALF Masterhip level Course-Nordstrom

 2010 ALF Myofunctional-Osteopathy-ALF course -Nordstrom

 2009 Cranial Osteopathy Course - Osteopathic Academy

 2009 ALF Interface course-Nordstrom

 2009 ALF Course - Nordstrom

Study Club Involvement

Active member of the ALF Midliners Study Club (2015-present)

Active member of Northern California ALF Study Group with Dr. Nordstrom

Active member of Cranial Osteopathic Academy  


 We aim to give you the attention and real care that you deserve 

and to bring a unique experience unlike any you have had before at the dentist.  We are all about you - your potential, your comfort, your health, and your individuality. Rather then feeling like just another nameless face, we want you to feel important and well cared for when you visit us. 

Your genuine care and comfort is our passion.

 It is our goal to provide you, not only the best treatment that modern biological dentistry can offer, but also education and guidance about your dental needs and how whole-person integrative dentistry and orthodontics can benefit you. We will work with you to help you understand these needs, which will allow you to make meaningful and important decisions about your health and well-being for your whole body. We want to welcome you warmly and sincerely to our practice. Since most of our patients come to us from referrals by their friends or family, we strive to live up to our reputation of comfortable and personalized dentistry.