Affiliate Membership Description

Opportunities and education

Affiliate level members have a made the commitment to provide the public with their educational background in ALF InterFACE Education and ALF Supportive Therapy Education.  Their educational listings will be updated annually.  In addition, they will be eligible for continued education courses made available on occasion through the ALF InterFACE Academy online educational portal.  In addition, when availability allows, they will have access to the monthly Midliners online study club meetings available through the Academy.

The ALF InterFACE Academy endorses the training made available in the Affiliate Provider Listings. 

Affiliate Level Providers

Gio Iuculano DMD

 General Dentist

Winchester, Va

Northern Virginia Area / Washington DC (Mid Atlantic area)

(540) 662-4866


ALF InterFACE Education:

2017 ALF InterFACE Conference


Brian Prudent DMD

 General Dentist

Moline, IL  (Quad Cities)



ALF Supportive Therapy Education

2015- Ostepathic Cranial Academy 

Maria Aglugub

11620 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 440
Los Angeles, CA

Naomi Hillel DMD, MS

Pediatric Dentist, Board Certified

Growing Faces Pediatric Dentistry

Edison, NJ 08837


Grace Sun DDS

General Dentist

462 N Doheny Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90048


ALF InterFACE Education

ALF training through Dr. Nordstrom