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ALF InterFACE Provider Locator

Welcome to the ALF InterFACE Provider directory

This site has been developed to connect patients with a registered provider of our ALF InterFACE community.  The resources that are available on this directory will empower the patient to make an educated decision on their choice of healthcare provider.

Our organization validates the ALF InterFACE Educational information available on this site and provides access to the providers supplemental ALF education not provided through our organization.   

The interactive map located on this page will help you to find a provider by location and the ALF Provider Directory by Region will allow you to see a listing by membership level for your geographical area.

To find a provider by membership level visit the page on this website dedicated to the provider listing of your choice. 



The ALF InterFACE Academy community is growing at a rapid rate.  Our provider locator data and the educational information for all ALF InterFACE Academy Level Providers will be continually updated as our organization supports complete transparency when it comes to ALF related education for our registered providers. 

The ALF InterFACE Academy neither endorses any individuals or companies listed on the ALF InterFACE provider listing nor does the provider listing information imply a certain skill level.  We provide validated educational resource listing for training endorsed by and provided by Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE Academy.   However, we do not guarantee the quality of the educational experiences obtained through other ALF educational resources nor do we claim that all practitioners are listed.  

Even though we are committed to providing validated and updated provider information to the public, is up to the user's discretion to inquire about ALF training, experience and usage when contacting anybody from the provider listing.

Membership Level Explanations



We feel that it is critically important to educate those searching for an ALF InterFACE provider to fully understand the importance of a comprehensive ALF InterFACE education.  Even though we cannot guarantee the clinical competency of any provider, The ALF InterFACE Academy has created this resource for the public to validate the training taken through our organization and to have convenient access to additional educational listing and professional information supplied by our Academy Level Providers.  

To accomplish this goal, our member providers have selected a membership level that reflects their desire for the public to be made aware of their ALF educational history as well as their ongoing commitment to training.  Each membership level has its own type of provider listing and benefits: 

Academy Level Members have committed themselves to have full access to the ongoing educational benefits of the ALF InterFACE Academy.  Their provider listings include detailed and continually updated information to communicate their level of education provided by our organization.  In addition, the patient will also have easy access to view the entire customized educational history of the provider so that complete transparency is possible when choosing as ALF provider to care for you and your family. 


Affiliate Level Members have chosen to provide the public with their ALF InterFACE educational history and have limited access to the educational resources offered by our organization.  Their ALF InterFACE educational listing information will be updated annually and easy access to their practice website is available.  **

Basic Listing Members have chosen to provide the public with their basic office information.  The ALF InterFACE Academy has no ability to verify the educational history or clinical competency of those who choose to list only their basic information through our provider locator service. 

**The educational information supplied by the provider on coursework not offered through the ALF InterFACE Academy cannot be validated or verified through our organization.  It is the responsibility of the individual provider to accurately represent their educational history and experience to their patients.

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Our Logo and Philosophy


Our Academy is founded on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself when provided an environment supportive of healing.  When treatment is rooted in the concepts of human neurologic and reflexive development, a more ideal craniofacial development will occur.  The growth of the face of the developing child will determine the function and appearance of the adult.  

We are rooted in the function of our brain.  

Our faces develop as a result of the many dimensions of human function.  

We grow and express our personality as a reflection of our ability to be the best version of ourselves.

ALF Therapy attempts to identify and remove obstacles to ideal growth to promote the both the attractive  appearance and healthy function of our patients.

For ALF Therapy Providers:

We would love to welcome you to our community!


A full description of the benefits of the three membership levels are available on the home page of www.alf.academy.  Please review the information on that site to access the information that you will need to decide on the membership level that best fits your needs.